Over the years, I have done some miscellaneous coding, sometimes just out of interest, sometimes trying to build something useful. If anything looks interesting to you, feel free to ask me for the code.


Last updated: 2013-10-02

This is a little PHP/JavaScript/SQL-based webpage I created to organize most of my stuff. Basically, I wanted something I can use as a diary/life log and which stores the data in a simple format, so I'll be able to read it for a long time.

The result is a web-interface which looks like a calendar and is used to read/write from a MySQL database. This database mainly contains four tables: Notes, Events, Persons & Tags. And there's another table which stores links between these items. So it's used as a diary by creating events and linking them to persons or notes. It's also my ToDo-List by having a ToDo-tag and linking it to notes, my recipe book by having a tag... well, you get the idea.

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Contour Detection

Last updated: 2009-03-10

My master thesis was in the field of computer vision. The idea was to combine image transformation and dynamic programming to find a non-convex contour in an image in O(#pixels) time.

The algorithm was implemented in C#, together with a small GUI for testing purposes. The user has to roughly sketch the shape of the object with a "rack". This rack defines the image transformation on which a contour will be calculated.

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Last updated: 2007-04-02

In the olden days, it was sometimes quite hard to plan something for the evening or weekend. Calling a lot of people, trying to agree on something, informing everyone again... so at some point we started to use a phpBB forum for that.

I added a voting system and a participants list to this. Unfortunately, these were my first steps in PHP, so I didn't come up with the idea to turn this into a proper phpBB extension. But after some years now everyone has finally joined facebook, which at this point is more comfortable to use for the same purpose ;-)

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Study Abroad: Intelligent Agents in Java

Last updated: 2006-11-02

In 2006, I was studying at the University of Technology Sydney for half a year. The city and university both are really impressive. If you consider studying abroad, you can't do much wrong with this place.

One course I took was about intelligent agents in Java. As an example for that, the program Robocode was used. This is a little game where you try to program a tank to autonomously fight against other tanks. I used this opportunity to read into neural networks and try to use them in Robocode.

Well, I learned two things: a bit more Java, and that throwing neural networks at a problem only works in very few cases. My tank was able to learn really basic movement schemes of the enemy, but as soon as it got more complicated, the networks wasn't able to predict very much.

The image shows the GUI I created to test the neural networks.

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Last updated: 2006-03-10

One of the first larger C++ programs I created is a 3D space simulator. If you recognize the HUD, you might be able to deduce what it's based on ;-)

Basically, it was some playing around with the open source OGRE 3D engine, a great engine which has been under constant development since 2001. I also experimented a bit with the OpenAL for 3D sound effects and some Cg shaders... it's really fun how fast you can throw something together with the tools that are available by now.

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